ALEKS Placement Test

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At UNC, the ALEKS Placement Test is intended for students who know Algebra and / or Trigonometry but do not already have ACT scores or other scores accepted for math placement at UNC.  However, any student can take it. Only proctored tests count for placement.

ALEKS consists of three parts:

  • An initial unproctored placement test (you can think of this as a practice test, but please take it seriously and give it your best, honest effort)
  • The Prep and Learning Module, an individualized, self-paced online review, and 2 additional practice placement tests
  • A final proctored placement test, which is the only test that actually determines your course placement. Note: only this proctored placement test (usually proctored via ProctorU) counts for placement credit. 

How and when can I get started on ALEKS? You can get started anytime up to 6 months before the final proctored placement test. To start, login to ALEKS using SSO (preferred) or go to, and sign up using the code DATYQ-FHD3W.  Once you take the initial unproctored placement test, you will have a chance to practice in the Prep and Learning Module to improve your preparation level before you take the final proctored placement test.  You are encouraged to spend time in the Prep and Learning Module, even if your desired score is achieved, because time spent in ALEKS will ultimately lead to better preparation and improved grades.

Where and when do I take the final proctored ALEKS placement test?

You have a few options for taking the final proctored ALEKS placement test:

  • (preferred option) take the proctored test online. Online proctoring is offered through ProctorU. Please complete your proctored test at least two weeks before you register for classes. You can  schedule a testing appointment with ProctorU.
  • (back-up option) take the proctored test in person on UNC campus, usually around the last business day before the first day of classes in Fall and Spring semestersTo reserve a spot for in-person testing, please sign up on this google form.
  • The next time ALEKS will be offered in person is the day before classes start for Fall semester: Sunday, Aug 18, 2024 time TBD in Phillips Hall room TBD.

What materials do I need to for the final proctored ALEKS placement test?

  1. A photo id (one card or government id such as passport or drivers license)
  2. A pencil and blank scratch paper for doing the problems
  3. A computer or laptop, running a Windows or Apple operating system
  4. Internet access
  5. Webcam / camera on your laptop, or another way of recording video (if using online proctoring)

You do not need a calculator. For some problems, an online calculator will appear within ALEKS for you to use, and this is the only calculator that you will be allowed to use.

How do I get ready for the proctored test on ProctorU? 

What happens on test day with ProctorU? 

  • On the test day, go to your ProctorU account.
    • Once the test time period has begun, you can click on “Start Session” button, download the Proctor U Chat application. This allows you to live chat with your proctor.
    • Expect the startup process with the proctor to take about 10-15 minutes.  This time will not affect your exam time.
  • Once you have completed the startup process with the proctor, you will go to your ALEKS account home screen.
    • On the left side, click on the word “Proctored” or “Unproctored”.
    • Another window will open up with a space for a password, or if not, you can click on the words “Placement Assessment Override” to get a spot for the password.
    • The proctor will type in the password and you are ready to go.
    • It is important to type in the password so that the test will register on ALEKS as a proctored test instead of an unproctored test.
    • If you already are in the middle of a practice assessment in ALEKS, you may need to exit by clicking “I Don’t Know” on all the questions before you can start a new, proctored assessment (don’t do this on the real thing!)
    • If you already took an unproctored placement test, you do NOT have to wait until the 24 hour cooldown period is over or complete any additional topics before taking the proctored placement test. The proctor can override those settings by clicking “Placement Assessment Override”. Please refer the proctor to the Placement_Assessment_Override instructions if the proctor seems unaware.
    • You do NOT have to complete any of the practice ALEKS assessments before taking the proctored assessment, although it’s recommended to take at least one.
  • Note that you cannot return to previous questions on the ALEKS test.
  • When you are finished, close your browser and the Proctor U Chat application.
  • More details on Proctor U’s  what to expect page and video.

What UNC classes does the ALEKS Placement Test give placement credit for?  Depending on your score, the ALEKS Placement Test can give you placement credit for Math 110P (Algebra) and / or Math 129P, which is the placement version of Math 130 (Precalculus).

Cut Score Range Placement Credit Awarded Register for this Course Next

if you want to go on in the Calculus sequence

0 0 – 45 None Math 110 (Algebra), but please use ALEKS to review before class begins
46 46 – 60 None Math 110 (Algebra)
61 61 – 75 Math 110P (Algebra) Math 130 (Precalculus) or Math 152 (Business Calculus)
76 76 – 100 Math 110P (Algebra) and Math 129P (Precalculus) Math 231 (Calculus)

What topics are covered during the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

  • Real numbers (including fractions, integers, and percentages)
  • Equations and inequalities (including linear equations, linear inequalities, systems of linear equations, and quadratic equations),
  • Linear and quadratic functions (including graphs and functions, linear functions, and parabolas), exponents and polynomials (including integer exponents, polynomial arithmetic, factoring, and polynomial equations), rational expressions (including rational equations and rational functions
  • Radical expressions (including higher roots and rational exponents)
  • Exponentials and logarithms (including function compositions and inverse functions, properties of logarithms, and logarithmic equations)
  • Geometry and trigonometry (including perimeter, area, and volume, coordinate geometry, trigonometric functions, and identities and equations).

Is there a cost for the ALEKS Placement Test? For Summer and Fall 2022, ALEKS is free for UNC students. The first proctored placement test with ProctorU is also free, if scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. Live proctoring on campus, when available, is also free.

Does the ALEKS Placement Test give the same course credit as taking Math 110 or Math 130?  No, students do not earn any course credits or units towards graduation by passing the ALEKS Placement Test. They only receive placement credit, which gives permission to take classes that require Math 110 or Math 130 as prerequisites.

Who should take the ALEKS Placement Test?
The ALEKS Placement Test is intended for students who need math placement credit (e.g. to take classes in the Calculus Sequence, or Chem 101, or Stor 155, etc. that have math prerequisites. The ALEKS placement test is intended primarily for students who do not have placement by other means. Students who already have placement scores (e.g. from the ACT or SAT Math Subject Test) or have already taken Math 110 or Math 130 are not expected to take the ALEKS placement test, but they are permitted to do so if they wish to use ALEKS’ Prep and Learning Modules to review and improve their mastery of Algebra and Precalculus and attempt to place higher in the Precalculus / Calculus sequence.

Can I take the ALEKS Placement Test more than once?

You can take the unofficial, practice placement tests in ALEKS up to 3 times. You can take the final proctored placement test up to 2 times, but you must wait at least a week between tests. This cooling off period gives you time to review and study. The first proctored placement test is free for students, but if you take a second proctored test, you will need to pay for it yourself ($12 with ProctorU) or take it in person on UNC campus.

When will I find out the results? You will receive your score immediately upon completion of your proctored placement test. Your ALEKS score can be viewed by re-entering ALEKS later.

If I pass the proctored ALEKS Placement Test, how long will it take for the placement credit to appear in my ConnectCarolina account so that I can register for classes that require Math 110 and / or Math 130 as prereqs? If you are successful, your record should be automatically updated on Connect Carolina to include placement credit for Math 110P (and / or Math 129P), but the process will take 7 – 10 days. Please account for this timing when scheduling your test. Once scores are updated, they will be visible in the ConnectCarolina Student Center under the “other academic” dropdown -Transfer Credit Report  – Other Credits (at the bottom).

Here is how the process works: scores are reported to the Registrar’s Office weekly on Friday mornings. Once reported, the scores are typically added within one to two business days. Depending on when you complete the test, it can take 7-10 days for your scores to be added to ConnectCarolina. If it has been 7-10 days since your exam, and your score has not been added, please contact the Undergraduate Student Services Manager for the Math Department. She can assist with score troubleshooting, enrollment issues, or facilitate registration for classes in other departments that require Math 110 or Math 130 as prerequisites, space permitting.

Can I get accommodations for the ALEKS Placement Test? If you require accommodations for the placement exams, please work with Accessibility Resources & Services <> to register for accommodations. Next, please contact Linda Green at to get a different ALEKS code that allows extended time.

Is there any other way to get placement credit for Math 110 or Math 130? Please see Math Department website for information on  placement using ACT scores, SAT Math Subject Test scores, or IB scores.

Where can I get help with ALEKS?

What if I want to place out of Calculus?  Please see Math Department website for information on  placing out of Calculus using AP scores or IB scores. There are also Calculus Placement Tests for students who don’t have those scores.

What if I have additional questions? Please email .