High School Students who want to register for Math 233

Here is my understanding of the procedure for high school students who want to register for Math 233. Please comment below to let me know how you really register, if this is not accurate.

What are the steps I have to take to register for Math 233 as a high school students?

  1. Apply as a part-time classroom studies non-degree student through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by clicking here.
  2. Once you have been admitted, an advising hold will be placed in your ConnectCarolina Student Center. The hold symbol is the red circle with a line through it – you can click on it for details. To have this advising hold removed, it will be necessary for you and one parent to attend the next orientation session for high school students.  Please arrange this by contacting Dr. Melissa Solomon in the Part Time Classroom Studies office by e-mail <mjsolomo@email.unc.edu> or phone 919-962-3449.
  3. Send your AP Calculus BC scores (or a college transcript showing credit for Calculus 2) to the UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Officially, you only need a 3 or higher to enroll in Math 233, but in my experience a score of 4 or higher is a better indicator of preparation for Math 233.
  4. Verify that you have received prerequisite credit by clicking on “transfer credit: report” in the drop-down box on the left-hand side in your ConnectCarolina Student Center . Once applied, you should have credit for Math 110P, Math 129P, Math 231, and Math 232.
  5. You may need to pre-pay for the class. Check if you have a financial hold in your ConnectCarolina Student Center . The hold symbol is the red circle with a line through it – you can click on it for details.
  6. Register for Math 233 through Self Service in your ConnectCarolina Student Center.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please email ptcs@admissions.unc.edu